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Crusader featured in The Times!

Crusader and Piccadilly East were recently featured in The Times article "The next greatest places to live". Scroll on down for a short excerpt from the article. Excerpt from: THE TIMES The next greatest places to live Northern cities are a good place to look. Even in Manc-hattan — as Manchester is becoming known —…

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Meet Crusader residents, Rose & Kurt.

THIS WEEK, ROSIE AND KURT RESERVED A LOFT APARTMENT IN CRUSADER. SO WE HAD A QUICK CHAT WITH THEM TO FIND OUT WHAT MADE THEM CHOOSE THIS MILL FOR THEIR HOME. What do you like about Crusader? We were drawn to the old rustic building, brickwork and open space. It’s got loads of Manc history…

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Meet the Architect: Emma-Jane Dawson

There's one person who loves Crusader just as much as the community themselves, meet Emma from Shedkm – the architects behind the restoration design. We fired some quick questions Emma's way to see what makes the mill so special. What’s the best part of restoring an 180 year old mill? Every site visit unearths a…

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Buyers queue in the pouring rain to get their hands on ‘locals-only’ flats in the city centre

Scores of people queued for hours in pouring rain to get their hands on ‘locals-only’ flats in the city centre. A total of 50 off-plan flats were up for grabs at Crusader Mill in Ancoats – reserved exclusively for people who live and work in Manchester. Developers Capital and Centric were offering the flats to…

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More ‘locals only’ flats in manchester city centre to go on sale

More 'locals only' flats at Crusader Mill in Ancoats are to go on sale. Regeneration developer Capital and Centric (C&C) made headlines last July when they reserved 20 flats for people who live and work in Manchester. The move was aimed at preventing property investors from siphoning them off. Now C&C are to repeat the offer…

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Our first sales release was a success!

IN JULY 2017 WE PRE-RELEASED 20 LOFT APARTMENTS AND THEY COMPLETELY SOLD OUT... SO WE RELEASED 10 MORE, AND THEY ALL SOLD TOO! THAT TOTALLED TO OVER £7M WORTH OF APARTMENTS RESERVED ON THE DAY. We knew there was a bit of a buzz building around Crusader, not just because it's a big beautiful mill…

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